At Spector & Co. we are committed to offering the best services by seeking innovative solutions that encourage long-term sustainability. From large-scale initiatives like creating a reliable network of socially and environmentally responsible supplier, to everyday practices like reducing waste materials and Co2 emissions. We are taking steps both big and small to ensure we offer a great product and leave a smaller footprint. We are currently in the process of developing a Corporate Responsibility Program, to reshape our approach to Sustainable Operations, Supply Chain Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement in a more socially and environmentally responsible way.




Sustainable Operations is the new foundation of Spector & Co.’s Environmental efforts. With focuses on Energy and Co2 Reduction, Recycling and Minimizing Waste, Spector & Co. takes environmental commitment seriously. Managing energy use and climate emissions are key to resource conservation. Proper recycling and waste minimization are ways Spector & Co. works to reduce and prevent waste. We also strive to achieve long-term sustainability through improved machinery design and operations.


Energy Reduction

  • Spector & Co. is committing to reduce net emissions of 40% by beginning of 2016.
  • Spector & Co. is committing to install energy efficient lighting throughout the whole building by 2017.
  • Spector & Co. is committing to monitor-sensor lighting switches by 2017.

Waste Reduction

  • Work with suppliers to find solutions to reduce packaging and replace plastic bags with recycled bags.


  • Spector & Co. is planning to recycle 85% of all generated waste material by 2016.
  • Spector & Co. is planning to recycle 100% of all generated office waste material by 2016.

Co2 Reduction

  • Spector & Co. is cooperating with the AMT (Agence Metropolitaine de Transport) to implement a public transportation program to offer economical support to its employees by 2016.



Spector & Co. believes and supports supply chains systems based on sustainable operations with all its business partners, so we can continue to bring value to our customers. We aim to deliver the highest standards of safety for our products and we are working on creating a network of socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. We will do more than simply conducting business affairs complying with all applicable national and local legal requirements, customs and published industry standards. We are striving to find new ways to improve the current supply chain system and create a better tomorrow.



Spector & Co. is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with all applicable federal and provincial law requirements, customs, and published industry standards pertaining to employment and manufacturing.


  • Spector & Co. commits to assess and benchmark its major suppliers' social compliance performance with a formal social compliant audit every 1 or 2 years.
  • Spector & Co. analyses and identifies merchandise vendor hotspots for future engagement and collaboration
  • Spector & Co. works closely with its suppliers to ensure that all of them, from the biggest to the smallest, embrace its approach to social compliance and sustainable practices.
  • Spector & Co. is creating tools and offering its support to suppliers to guide them through the process of becoming more socially and environmentally conscious while improving their product quality and safety.
  • Spector & Co. is developing a sustainability program to offer guidance and support to its business partners, to overcome their weak points and lead them to becoming fully compliant.
  • Spector & Co. commits to work with our community of suppliers to find solutions to reduce packaging.

This icon appears on all web pages featuring items produced by suppliers who have signed our agreement and are committed to our position on ethical and responsible conduct.



Spector & Co. takes the safety of its products very seriously. We developed a rigorous internal and external safety testing system to ensure the conformity of all our products.


  • Spector & Co. prequalifies all proposed products before they are launched using 3rd party testing according to, at a minimum, the strictest standards of the markets in which the products are to be sold. Products sold just in the US and Canada are tested to the strictest applicable standards of the US and Canada.
  • Spector & Co. considers products that change suppliers to be new products and will conduct prequalification testing of these products prior to moving production to a new supplier.
  • Spector & Co. considers products that are redesigned or have changes in material or other components to be new products and will conduct prequalification testing of these products prior to making the design, material or component change.
  • Spector & Co. only uses printing inks that meet all US, Canada and European Community standards for lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, selenium, aluminum, boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, strontium, tin, organizations and zinc.
  • Spector & Co. retests all of its Kids Friendly Products annually to ensure compliance with CPSIA and other applicable standards.
  • Spector & Co. posts all its test reports and social compliance audits on its website.
  • Spector & Co. has developed a detailed set of standards and procedures for use with suppliers in obtaining supplier guarantees prior to product launch and for use in training our suppliers.
  • Spector & Co. tests its products and imprint inks with Intertek, an accredited lab that is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and reliable 3rd party labs in the world. Products are typically tested in the country of origin prior to initial production to prevent any non-conforming products from being accidentally included in Spector & Co.’s inventory.
  • Spector & Co. hired a Social Compliance and Sustainability Manager to train its suppliers together with 3rd party auditing companies on compliance with current US and Canada Social Compliance standards.
  • Spector & Co. has an office in Shenzhen with approximately 15 employees. These employees together with Intertek train Spector & Co.’s suppliers on compliance with current US and Canada Community standards.
  • Spector & Co.’s China office regularly inspect Spector & Co.’s suppliers in the region for social compliance, production capacity and adherence to product safety standards.

CPSIA - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

CPSIA - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act


The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 created specific standards for items that are designed for, and intended for use by children 12 years of age and under. While Spector & Co.’s products are not designed for this market segment, we do understand that some customers do want items that can be sold to a youth market.

We offer a selection of products that have been evaluated, and tested by CPSC approved 3rd Party laboratories, and do meet the appropriate CPSIA requirements - less than 90ppm - for children’s items for Ages 8+.

C-TPAT - Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

C-TPAT - Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism


Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security created to build government-business cooperation in strengthening international supply chains and U.S. border security.

Spector & Co. has successfully gone through the process of validating its security procedures, becoming a C-TPAT member in 2005.



Also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 requires all products shipped to California to expose consumers in the state of California to a published list of carcinogens or reproductive toxins unless such chemicals are present below established Safe Harbor Levels or are present in concentrations that pose no harm.

Decorating and printing inks used on Spector & Co. products that are decorated in Canada have been fully tested and do not contain chemicals at concentrations that would require a Proposition 65 warning label.

Safe Harbor Level limits have not been fully established by Proposition 65 for all materials used in Spector & Co.‘s products, however we may be able to offer, upon request, certification of independently tested concentrations of specific chemicals for specific products. In addition, customers may request that prior to shipment the following Proposition 65 warning be applied to their products.

This Product may contain chemicals known to the state of California
to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This warning label will ensure compliance with California Proposition 65 regulatory requirements.

If you have further questions regarding this product safety statement, please contact our Sustainability and Social Compliance Manager at




Spector & Co. is fully committed to the conservation and preservation of our precious planet and of its natural resources.


Spector & Co. is committing to reduce its Co2 emission, its waste and energy consumption through more environmentally responsible sourcing, material recycling and energy reduction policies.



Spector & Co. is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with all applicable federal and provincial law requirements, customs, and published industry standards pertaining to employment and manufacturing.


  • Do not use any type of forced labor.
  • Do not employ any person under the age of 15 years old.
  • Every employee is treated with dignity and respect and free from harassment or abuse.
  • All employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment to prevent accidents and injuries. We ensure that our factory and the manufacturing facilities of our supplier partners are safe and our auditing process includes inspection of all physical structures themselves.
  • Recognize that wages are essential to meeting employees basic needs and pays all employees at least the minimum wage as required by all applicable local laws.
  • Our employees do not work more than what is allowed on regular and overtime hours by local law.
  • All employees are compensated for overtime hours at the premium rate required by law.




Encourage our stakeholders to develop their own sustainability plans as part of their partnership with Spector & Co., and we ask our stakeholders to consider the environment in their own everyday choices.


Offer guidance and support on sustainability related issues. Creation of user friendly manuals and standardized procedures to ease our supplier’s approach to the sustainability world.


Improve an open and transparent communication with customers. Offer an easy access to reports, audits and information.


Continue sponsor philanthropic events. Ex: New Montreal Children’s Hospital Employees involvement. Spector & Co. offers its employees to support a cause they care for by donating their time during working hours. Ex: Montreal Philippino Community Center, Sun Youth Organization, etc.

Caterina comes with a wealth of experience in the promotional and sustainability businesses. After gaining her BA in languages and communication, she worked for two years in Germany and then she moved to China where she spent four years working for European multinationals. Until November 2010, she held the position of Sales Account Executive at PF Asia Direct Shanghai, a division of Polyconcept and despite the economic crisis, she successfully increased the network of clients throughout Asia and South America by focusing on new markets such as Mexico, India and Australia. This experience allowed her to develop various projects and products ranging from sample creation to final shipment, managing small teams, visiting factories and gaining a deep insight into the Chinese production system and their inner workings.

In 2011 Caterina undertook a Master’s program in Milan, Italy, studying the Management of NGO’s, Sustainability and Cooperation and upon completion, she arrived in Montreal where she attended McGill University taking a CSR (Corporate social Responsibility) course to further her understanding of the North American approach to sustainability. Recently she worked as a consultant for the Aldo Group to develop its sustainability strategy.

Caterina comments, "Sustainable practices have always been a passion of mine, but they developed into a true and deep interest following my visits to Chinese factories and realizing their production’s social and environmental impact."

Reporting to Rob Spector, CEO, Caterina’s mandate is to further Spector & Co.’s success by providing production integrity and support to all of Spector’s clients throughout North America. Her other tasks include being responsible for developing the social compliance program and offering customer support on sustainability and product safety related matters, as well as supervising vendor auditing processes.

Caterina comments, "I am excited to join a company as professional and dynamic as Spector & Co. and look forward to working with our vendors to develop their product safety and service suite. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected company that prides itself on top quality and service."

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  • Social Compliance & Sustainability Manager
  • Tel: 1-888-377-7732 (USA) / 1-800-385-7063 (CA) Ext: 316
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